Woodstock‘69 Vinyl
Face D, minute 8:06
Carlos Santana.
Here is where SANTAMARTA starts, squeezing the hippie movement essence, whose peace & liberty values were foregoings of many social movements, besides using art as the transcendent truth of the person.
SANTAMARTA is a creative ecosystem in which artistic creation, environmental disclosure, social share and design converge.
Thorugh an holistic philoshophy, in which everything is connected, this project conceives art as link among creation, production & education, using it as social awareness tool.
We believe that sustainability must be seen as a holistic process. It is not enough to talk about organic fibers or recycled paper labels. We need to make real changes, opening our minds to new bussiness models that include people as a part of the proyect, that offer sevices, education, fair wages, values, and a realistic image of the world.
Our products and servicies promote reutilization, handcraft, authenticity & meditation.

know more about us checking our transparency standards. where you can find information of the materials, packaging and the processes we use in SANTAMARTA: