abanderado t-shirts
Abanderado is a classic underwear Spanish brand. This garment is an abundant deadstock material sourced from particulars and charity shops. Using these t-shirts we transform the way we see the traditional Spanish grandpa aesthetic into something actual, reusing deadstock garments.
Cotton is not what you think. Producing a 200gr cotton t-shirt requires 2000L of water.
Cotton is a natural fiber, but this does not mean that it is a low impact one. This irrigated crop needs not only a huge amount of water during its cultivation and production, but also requires the use of pesticides that pollute water sources and cause loss of biodiversity. It is usually grown and manufactured by big companies in undeveloped countries with poor working conditions, countries in which accessing potable water is already a problem.
Buying Santamarta Abanderado T-Shirt saves 2000L of water compared to buying a not-upcycled cotton t-shirt.
composition: 100% cotton