Stockings are a second skin that we use to make garments in which to feel comfortable. Wearing that skinny semi-transparent fabric allows you to be at ease with your body, showing its shape without pressing or hiding, just flowing with the light fabric. We source this material from vintage or deadstock.
Since 1934 stockings started to be made of synthetic fibers like Nylon, the commercial name of polyamide, which is obtained from petroleum. The impact of this material on the planet is negative due to its production based on non-renewable resources, also its petroleum origin means that it cannot be degraded, so if it is not expressly taken to a recycling plant it will take hundreds of years to decompose. 
Its elasticity and durability enables it to use this material for a long time, so why let these clothes end up in landfills for a lifetime when we can bring them alive again?
composition: 100% polyamide