At SANTAMARTA we are environmentally and socially committed, that is why we take care of  everything we do in the most strict way we are able to.
The catalog offered by SANTAMARTA aims to leave aside the preferences of the economic system, in favor of actions that favor circularity and self-reliance of people, through products but also services, which promote reuse, manufacturing, authenticity and reflection.
Triple impact

education, colaboration, inclusion


zero waste, awareness, activism


local culture claim, spirituality vs. materialism

The feedback, based on reusing and taking advantage of existing resources, is the guide to change the relationship with consumption and with a sustainable way of life. In that aspect SANTAMARTA, not only offers sustainability in materials or processes, but considers all aspects of society that can be tools for a natural balance, and not necessarily monetized; offering knowledge, synergic spaces, and social projects to get involved in, designing a lifestyle in harmony with what surrounds us.
The entire project is driven by a social and environmental action plan, and a strict objective of transparency that people can trust and take part in.
From small collections of garments made through upcycling in collaboration with social associations, to artistic pieces, all products are designed and manufactured following eco-design strategies. These ensure commitment to generating a positive impact on people and the environment, taking care from pre-production to packaging and post-consumer.
all of our materials are 2nd hand or deadstock
packaging that promotes reutilization, handcraft, authenticity and meditation
Download our commitment plan:
commitment plan santamarta 2023