How do I return my order?

In order to return a product, please follow the instructions you will find here.

Are all the products sustainable?

Yes. All products in SANTAMARTA are created following different eco-design strategies, using 2nd hand and deadstock materials to upcycle, made between our studio and APRAMP’s workshop in Madrid, sent in our upcycled dust bags and reusable packaging. Learn more about our transparency here.

Who made the clothes?

Our clothes are made one by one between our studio and APRAMP’s workshop. We carefully select our materials to upcycle. Then we  adapt the patterns to each base garment in order to optimize the use of materials in the cutting. Next step, we finish some designs in our studio and we send some others to APRAMP’s workshop.


APRAMP is a non-profit organization that:

- Defends and promotes the rights of people who suffer slave traffic and sexual exploitation so that they recover the freedom, dignity and autonomy necessary to start a life outside the control and abuse of their exploiters.


- Works, from the beginning, to prevent and eradicate sexual exploitation and human slavery.


- Develops programs aimed at guaranteeing access to their rights and addressing the needs of victims when they are not covered by public services, acting as a bridge between them and the administrations.


- These programs are aimed at the proactive detection and identification of slavery and sexual exploitation, their protection, and immediate attention in the social, legal, health, psychological, training and labor spheres. They support and help with the person’s decision-making, directed towards voluntary return to their country of origin or integration into Spain.


- Raises awareness among the population to report the phenomenon of sexual exploitation.


Learn more about APRAMP.

Where can I find more information about transparency?

Learn more about our transparency here.

Where can I find size information?

You can find our size chart here or in the footer.